CCL Celebrity Cricket League Winners List of All Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL 2) Season 2 (2012) Winner Team is Chennai Rhinos

Chennai Rhinos Winning Moment pic CCL Season 2 Winner ImageAfter completing successful season 1 of CCL they are back with another season and this time 2 more teams are added in celebrity cricket league and these team compete with each other and finally Chennai Rhinos & Karnatka Bulldozers reach in the final match once again and Chennai Rhinos become the emerge winner of Celebrity Cricket League season 2.

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL 3) Season 3 (2013) Winner Team is Karnataka Bulldozers

Karnataka Bulldozers Winning Moment pic CCL Season 3 Winner ImageCCL completed their 2 season successfully and get immense popularity therefore they decided to increase the number of matches as well as added 2 more teams in this season. It was first time while 8 teams were playing in Celebrity Cricket League Karnataka Bulldozers defeated Telugu Warriors in the final match and become the winner of CCL3.

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