MTV Roadies Winners List with Photo of All Seasons 1 to X5 (2003 to 2017)


MTV Roadies Season 6 Winner – Nauman Sait, Year 2009

mtv roadies Nauman Sait season 6 winner

Season 6 of MTV roadies was aired on 8 November 2009 and it has maximum contestants so far the number contestant in MTV Roadies 6 was 20 and it won by the Nauman Sait.

MTV Roadies Season 7 Winner – Anwar Syed, Year 2010

MTV Roadies season 7 winner Anwar Syed

The show was shoot in 3 countries namely India, Kenya and Egypt and it was aired on 28 March 2010. The emerged winner of the MTV Roadies season 7 was Anwar Syed.

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