Kabaddi World Cup Winners List


Kabaddi is not a new name for India and its mates as Kabaddi has its base in India, Kabaddi is known to originated from Tamil Nadu, the game is known in different parts of India with different names, Kabaddi is called as sadugudu, pathhanjikodu, and kabaddi in Tamil Nadu.

India is known as the crucial nation that helps Kabaddi to gain popularity and name worldwide as Indian federation for Kabaddi promoted it at International level that helped Kabaddi to rise as World Cup Game. At present, there are 10 nations worldwide that play Kabaddi at international level and efforts of Government and Broadcasting Company to mark it more popular amongst India’s audience as Kabaddi has its own sense of intense entertainment. Seeing the popularity of Kabaddi at international level, premier leagues based on Kabaddi and its popular player around the globe is being initiated.

In the International team version of Kabaddi (as per World Cup Guidelines), two teams comprise of each 7 players compete with each other in opposite halves, each of the team has three reserved players. The game is played with 20 minutes halves and five minutes halftime breaks after each breaks both the teams change their respective previous sides.

Kabaddi World Cup Winners and Runner-ups

The first edition of Kabaddi was started 12 years back in 2004, it will be surprising for you to note that all the KabaddiWorldcup till date were organized in India at different venues. At the start the World Cup was organized after a gap of four years as per World Cup time span of three years gap, the tournament was organized as per the standards three times in 2004, 2007 and 2010. As Kabaddi gained more popularity and audience, the organizing committee decided to host it annually and Kabbadi World Cup started to be organized every year since 2010.

It will be an honor for us to know that India has won all the edition of Kabaddi World Cup, the success rate for India’s team in all 8 editions is 100 percent with seven goals, India’s Kabaddi team rules game of Kabaddi.

Performing with the range of wrestler type players for tackle and defense, Iran stands as the second most powerful Team in the world winning one silver this year and two bronze medals.

Talking about the western countries participating in Kabaddi World Cup, New Zealand stands as the most powerful team representing the western side, New Zealand has also won total three medals in their three World Cup raids with one silver and two bronze medals.

Most of the countries across the World Cup playing nations are still minting ways to succeed as the top three teams, other seven Kabaddi playing nations have duck score while considering their performance for the medal.

Edition of 2016 proved a new height for Kabaddi World Cup as the spectators witnessed a new sensation as Honk Kong becomes everyone’s favorite and their ability to turn around the game at last minute stunned every Kabaddi fans.

Kabaddi shines as a well-known sport around the globe now, the best thing about the sport is its aggression and stamina that surcharged players with quick reflex action and also helps to contribute well together as a team. Tackle and raids are the main components of Kabaddi and the game solely depend upon speed, response, and formations.

Kabaddi World Cup Tally till 2016


Year Hosting City Winner Runner-up Score of the Match
2004 Mumbai India Iran 55-27
2007 Panvel India Iran 29-19
2010 Ludhiana India Pakistan 58-24
2011 Ludhiana India Canada 59-25
2012 Ludhiana India Pakistan 59-22
2013 Ludhiana India Pakistan 48-39
2014 Sri Mukhtar Sahib India Pakistan 45-42
2016 Gujarat India Iran


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