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Bigg Boss is a popular reality TV show which is broadcast in India the format of the show is adopted from Netherlands Big Brothers. Bigg Boss gains the huge popularity after its first season in India and become popular across the world as well season after season.

In the show few numbers of contestants who known as “housemates” live in a custom built house for a specific time of period and isolated from their family, friends and outside the world and they can’t contact to anyone. These contestants are constantly monitored by the cameras and overseen by a mysterious person known as “Bigg Boss”, whose only presence in the house is through his voice.

So far 7 season completed and Bigg Boss selected people from varied industry namely, actor, singer, dancer, politician, comedian whatever you are all are equal in the show. The purpose of this show is to understand yourself better and teaches you how to deal with different nature of people. So, far 7 people won from 2006 below is the list of these peoples.

Bigg Boss Winners List of All Season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner – Rahul Roy, Year 2006

Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner Rahul Roy

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