India’s Best DrameBaaz (IBD) Winners List of All Seasons

India best DrameBaaz Season-1 Winner Aditya Singhal

Every kid in the world has some talent. They just need a platform to showcase themselves. With a little honing and enhancing, these kids can become erstwhile talent personas.

Back in the days, there were no such renowned platforms for a kid to perform on. They grew up with the talent subdues within them. However times change and as such there’s a never ending thetrend of reality shows growing up in India.

It’s great to have such exquisite talent lining up in the nation at current. With the growth of these platforms, the talent factory won’t suffer a dry spell from now on.

We’ll have our take on the T.V reality show, India’s best DrameBaaz and its past winners in our blog today.

India’s best DrameBaaz (IBD)

  • India’s best DrameBaazis the brainchild of Zee TV which has previously followed up with other reality TV shows of the same ilk.
  • The tournament is a talent search show based on drama niche unlike the other ones featuring songs and dances. It’s strictly for the children aged 5-12 years.
  • A major acting show that captivates children’s creativity and spontaneity in a frame.
  • This program has aired a couple of seasons to date with the second one finishing just a few days back.

We’ll look to shine the light on the two editions of India’s best DrameBaaz (IDB) and its winners. Read along.

India’s best DrameBaaz Season 1 Winner – Aditya Singhal (2013)

India best DrameBaaz Season-1 Winner Aditya Singhal

  • Aditya Singhal, a 12-year-old took home the title of winners in the first edition.
  • The first edition of the show featured auditions allaround the nation for the 5-12 aged children.
  • The show began with three incredible judges in the form of film industry adversaries as Vivek Oberoi, Sonali Bendre, and Anurag Basu.
  • The show took a serious tide from the round of 18 with elimination looming over. The players were divided into teams of two as Team Pathaka and Team Dhamaka.
  • The show also featured public votes alongside judgment decisions as the top six vied for the winner tag.

India’s best DrameBaaz Season 2 Winner – Swasti Nitya (2016)

India’s best DrameBaaz Season 2 Winner - Swasti Nitya Image

  • Swasti Nitya took the accolade in the second edition of the tournament. She was also awarded Rs5 lakhs as the prize money
  • The second edition of the showran the same way as the first one with featured auditions allaround the nation for the 5-12 aged children.
  • The show featured the same judgment panel with few guests coming in on various occasions to add charm to the show.
  • The show featured public voted as well the judges’ verdict for the contestants.
  • After a long 26 episodes in the running, the show concluded with the announcement of the winner.

That’s all from us on one of the highest ranked non-fiction show in India. India’s best DrameBaaz has certainly proven a great platform for the kids vying to learn the tricks and trades of the acting. Definitely a must-watch show for all. We’ll be back with the updates on thethird season as soon as it gets on the floor.

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