MasterChef UK Winners List of All Seasons

MasterChef UK 2016 Winner Jane Devonshire

MasterChef UK Series 1 Winner: Joan Bunting (1990)

MasterChef UK Season 1 Winner Joan Bunting 1990

MasterChef UK has 11 seasons of the original MasterChef series. The very first series was televised in the year 1990, and it was won by Joan Bunting.

MasterChef UK Series 2 Winner: Sue Lawrence (1991)

MasterChef UK Season 2 Winner Sue Lawrence 1991

The second season was aired in the year 1991, and the proclaimed winner was Sue Lawrence.

MasterChef UK Series 3 Winner: Vanessa Binns (1992)

In the year 1992, the season 3 was aired and the proclaimed winner was Vanessa Binns.

MasterChef UK Series 4 Winner: Derek Johns (1993)

In the 4th series that was aired way back in the year 1993, Derek Johns was proclaimed to be the winner.

MasterChef UK Series 5 Winner: Gerry Goldwyre (1994)

MasterChef UK Series 5 Winner Gerry Goldwyre 1994

The 5th series of the original MasterChef was aired in 1994. The declared winner was Gerry Goldwyre.

MasterChef UK Series 6 Winner: Marion Macfarlane (1995)

In the year 1995, the 6th series was aired and the winner was Marion Macfarlane.

MasterChef UK Series 7 Winner: Neil Haidar (1996)

MasterChef UK Series 7 Winner Neil Haidar 1996

In the year 1996, Neil Haidar was proclaimed to be the winner of the 7th series of MasterChef (original).

MasterChef UK Series 8 Winner: Julie Friend (1997)

MasterChef UK Series 8 Winner Julie Friend 1997

Julie Friend was the proclaimed winner of the 8th series, which was aired in the year 1997.

MasterChef UK Series 9 Winner: Lloyd Burgess (1999)

MasterChef UK Series 9 Winner Lloyd Burgess 1999

The 9th series was aired in the year 1999, and the proclaimed winner in this season was Lloyd Burgess.

MasterChef UK Series 10 Winner: Marjorie Lang (2000)

MasterChef UK Series 10 Winner Marjorie Lang 2000

The 10th series was televised in the year 2000, and Marjorie Lang was the winner.

MasterChef UK Series 11 Winner: Rosa Baden-Powell (2001)

MasterChef UK Series 11 Winner Rosa Baden-Powell 2001

The 11th series of the original MasterChef UK was televised in the year 2001. The winner here was Rosa Baden-Powell.

MasterChef Revived Series 1 Winner: Thomasina Miers (2005)

MasterChef Revived Series 1 Winner Thomasina Miers 2005

For the revived series, it has 3 seasons all in all. The very first season was aired in the year 2005, and the title was won by Thomasina Miers.

MasterChef Revived Series 2 Winner: Peter Bayless (2006)

MasterChef Revived Series 2 Winner Peter Bayless 2006

In the year 2006, the second season for the revived version was aired. The winner was Peter Bayless.

MasterChef Revived Series 3 Winner: Steven Wallis (2007)

MasterChef Revived Series 2 Winner Steven Wallis 2007

And in the 3rd season of the revived MasterChef UK version that was aired in the year 2007, the proclaimed winner was Steven Wallis.

MasterChef UK 2008 Winner: James Nathan

MasterChef UK 2008 Winner James Nathan

In the year 2008, the original version of MasterChef UK returned, and it is regularly airing every year since 2008. The 2008 winner was James Nathan.

MasterChef UK 2009 Winner: Mat Follas

MasterChef UK 2009 Winner Mat Follas

In the year 2009, the winner was Mat Follas.

MasterChef UK 2009 Winner: Dhruv Baker

MasterChef UK 2009 Winner Dhruv Baker

Dhruv Baker in 2010.

MasterChef UK 2011 Winner: Tim Anderson

MasterChef UK 2010 Winner Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson in 2011.

MasterChef UK 2012 Winner: Shelina Permalloo

MasterChef UK 2012 Winner Shelina Permalloo

Shelina Permalloo in 2012.

MasterChef UK 2013 Winner: Natalie Coleman

MasterChef UK 2013 Winner Natalie Coleman

Natalie Coleman in 2013.

MasterChef UK 2014 Winner: Ping Coombes

MasterChef UK 2014 Winner Ping Coombes

Ping Coombes in 2014.

MasterChef UK 2015 Winner: Simon Wood

MasterChef UK 2015 Winner Simon Wood

Simon Wood in 2015.

MasterChef UK 2016 Winner: Jane Devonshire

MasterChef UK 2016 Winner Jane Devonshire

The latest series of MasterChef UK is aired in 2016 and the finale of the episode was won by the Jane Devonshire in 2016.

The amazing chef judges in the original MasterChef UK series were Loyd Grossman and Gary Rhodes. Gregg Wallace and John Torode were for the revived MasterChef UK series.

Celebrity MasterChef UK Winners List of All Seasons

Since the year 2006, Celebrity MasterChef UK has been regularly airing on the national television screens within the United Kingdom. The winner in this year was Matt Dawson.

In the year 2007, the Celebrity MasterChef UK winner was Nadia Sawalha, Liz McClarnon in 2008, Jayne Middlemiss in 2009, Lisa Faulkner in 2010, Phil Vickery in 2011, Emma Kennedy in 2012, Ade Edmondson in 2013, Sophie Thompson in 2014, and Kimberly Wyatt in 2015.

The high-caliber judges of Celebrity MasterChef UK were Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

Don’t forget to see Masterchef winners list country wise via below table just click on the country name and see the list of Masterchef winners of that country.

MasterChef Winners List Country Wise

Albania Denmark Malaysia Russia
Argentina Finland Mexico Saudi Arabia
Australia France Morocco Slovenia
Asia Germany Netherlands Spain
Belgium Greece New Zealand South Korea
Brazil Hungary Norway Sweden
Bulgaria Iceland Pakistan Turkey
Canada India Peru Ukraine
Chile Indonesia Philippines UK
China Ireland Poland USA
Colombia Israel Portugal Vietnam
Croatia Italy Romania

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